Sunday, December 11, 2011

Odd Bird Mini Art Books

I am making two mini art books right now. I'm using hand carved rubber stamps but these mini books can be filled with any type of art that you like to do, from watercolor, to collage, to mixed media to photography.  I wrote about it here: Mini Art Books 
Next I have to stamp and emboss the words in the haiku I wrote for the books. I'm making two books at the same time to make it more efficient.

Watercolors on watercolor paper.

The owl is white embossing powder. The trees and bird are metallic silver embossing powder.

Owls and trees in white embossing powder. The stamps were carved on circular plastic erasers.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Books Need To Be Made

The book bug has bitten me again and I keep threatening to make some more books. I'd like to try some fabric covers.
The problem is I have all these ideas and not much energy. I get tuckered out before my goals come to fruition. I got a bone folder at Art Supply Warehouse last week. I need to clear a table to work on. Maybe when it gets cooler today and I feel more rested. I'd like to make a stack of them to add to my gift box for spontaneous trades or gift giving.